Made your strategy a force

Successful Business Intelligence requires a clear well thought out strategy that is practical, tailored to your needs and rooted in best practices already proven. TaktIT is uniquely qualified to defend your business goals and needs of the various stakeholders within your organization to help you define, plan and execute all aspects of your strategic BI plan.
Our customers rely on us for strategic BI services in the following areas:

  • Strategic Evaluation
    We rely on decades of technical success and business management to help our clients to determine the best strategy BI/DWH to achieve their goals. We can sit with your managers and IT managers to determine the best combinations of data that can provide valuable information in order to run your business forward. We use a flexible approach that fits our strategic assessment to your BI needs. If this is the first time, a full strategic assessment for the whole of your organization or periodic strategic assessments to help improve the performance and maturity throughout the lifecycle of your BI.
  • Technology assessment
    No other practical BI/DWH has had the opportunity to work directly with a wider range of tools, technologies and platforms than our consultants. Based on this broad and deep experience, we can guide you through an impartial assessment of technology solutions to identify the best technical solution to meet your needs. Our technology assessments include data warehouse solutions, ETL and reporting tools.
  • RoadMap development
    By its nature, the success of the business intelligence grows and evolves over time. We work with our clients to create a roadmap that allows them to have a long-term vision; specific institution, step by step plans to develop an initial capacity of BI and planning additional initiatives that will mature and that will advance its potential through business. Based on your needs, your roadmap may include architectural recommendations, platform and technological considerations, suggestions for data stewardship and recommendations for data governance.
  • KPI Analysis & Mapping
    We help many organizations to measure the effectiveness of their objectives and key performance indicators (KPI). We can help you define the indicators that allow you to track the effectiveness of your efforts. We can also analyze which stores information within your company may be exploited and surveyed, those who give essential information that managers need to measure the progress of their initiatives.