Technical Experts - Staffing Solutions

Looking to augment your existing technical staff with a proven expert that can lead your team in an emergency or time of transition?

We help employers to source the best technical talent

We are passionate about technology. Which means we are technologists first, and recruiters second. We offer direct placement options for clients that choose us to help them find the right talent.
Other employer benefits include:

  • We use the same recruiting process for our in-house corporate candidates as we do for our clients. That means we really care about finding the right fit – for you and the candidate
  • We have a solid understanding on the technology, that count for your company, and recruit candidates that care about that technology
  • We can consult you on what your company needs. We can help you understand how best to get your objectives met, whether that is to staff people for short-term, direct-hires, or even just someone to manage your project

Candidates choose us to find the right placements

We are passionate about finding the right fit for candidates and employers from both a technical and a cultural perspective. Because we understand what a position entails and its daily tasks, we specialize in finding the right candidates for each job.
Candidates choose TaktIT because:

  • We take the time to know each talent candidate. This is good for the employer and for them, so we know we will make a winning match
  • We don’t just present candidates to clients by using keyword searches and selecting resumes. We take the time to make sure each candidate has the right skills, so we don’t waste anyone’s time with unnecessary interviews
  • We take the time to understand an employer’s culture so we can ensure it is a rewarding and win-win experience for everyone involved.

Looking for a new gig?

If you are interested in working with the TaktIT Team to find your next job, visit our Join us page to learn more about how you could join our network, or search for available positions.