Design & Development

Ensure the successful BI through design

Since the architecture and development to testing, we build a high usability and ROI in the heart of your BI/DWH solutions; including the flexibility to spread out and support your needs as they evolve.

  • Architecture
  • Success BI/DWH initiatives are based on a design and a plan establishing a solid foundation for performance and scalability. TaktIT has cultivated a team of BI/DWH architects with an experience average of 10 years in the design of BI/DWH environments which are for some of them the largest and most complex. Our architects take advantage of our best practices in BI/DWH to ensure a successful design for each client, to any scale.

  • Data modeling
  • A solid data model is essential for a BI/DWH flexible environment stable and scalable. TaktIT has developed a portfolio of data modeling best practice to build the strongest possible foundation for any BI/DWH environment. We know all the latest techniques and modeling approaches, such as Kimball, Inmon, or a hybrid optimized model ; and we are building reliable, scalable and flexible each points.

  • ETL and data integration
  • One of the biggest obstacles to successful BI/DWH is how the source system data is received in the data warehouse. TaktIT specializes in ETL approach offering the best combination of performance, flexibility, scalability and ease of maintenance. We built ETL solutions for some of the largest DW projects, and we can make these best practices to your initiatives.

  • Reporting and analytics
  • A consumption, convincing productive layer is the key of all users empowerment for a BI solution. TaktIT designed thousands of reports, dashboards and balanced scorecard for our customers. We understand how to make a relevant visualization to understand it is supposed to be. And help our users to create solutions that flex and adapt to the evolving needs of the business.