Increase understanding BI, support it and produce it

Ultimately, the best BI is based on people. TaktIT excels to giving your employees the transfer of knowledge, training, tools and governance policies essential to the adoption data and long-term success of your BI solutions.

  • Knowledge Transfer
    TaktIT makes knowledge transfer a full block with all the commitments that we deliver. When our commitment is complete, you have a greater capacity and an internal BI team with the necessary knowledge to manage, develop and mature the reflection that we helped to create. Each TaktIT consultant undertakes to teach you, mentor you and share with you our best practices.
  • End-user training & technical
    Education is a strong common component of our services. We share the benefit of our practical experiences in the success of BI solutions. We can provide training in a variety of settings to suit your needs, from more personalized class sizes and small groups.
  • Change management
    The implementation of a BI/DWH program within your organization may introduce structural changes at many levels, not only through new technologies, but also through new roles, ideas and strategies. We understand that a key to successful implementation of a BI program is the management of the entire organization by aligning expectations, team integration, a clear communication and provide training and knowledge to ensure the success of your team.
  • Data Governance
    The lifecycle of a BI/DWH environment must be co-managed by its diverse mix of stakeholders, including IT staff and employees of the company. To manage these vast needs, data governance should be clearly defined and directed. TaktIT established political governance data for many customers, the development of solutions that meet the analytical needs of the business. We provide best practices and appropriate assistance in all areas of your program data governance, data management and Master Data Management (MDM). If you do not have a data governance program, our consultants can even participate in the early stages to help you establish one, making it a good start.