Take your data with the best proven practices

A few well-chosen ways to optimize your investment in BI strategy and architecture will pay in the performance and ROI of your solution.

  • Performance Optimization
    In the life cycle of all systems BI, change factors can affect performance of the global environment, if nothing is done. Insight, adaptability, cost/efficiency ratio are the key. TaktIT has large expertise in the analysis of all aspects of BI systems, including ETL, data warehouse, the data model and reporting environments. Our approach of performance optimization aligns all components of your BI solution to ensure an optimal performance that balances all aspects of the environment. Our approach brings many good practices to ensure superior performance of all components of your BI solution.
  • Data Mining & advanced analytics
    There is a growing population of users more “sophisticated” who want to explore the complex correlations in your data. It is worthwhile to encourage. We can design sophisticated analytics and provide solutions that give to these users the freedom to have an analytical view point of your data warehouse.
  • Data quality
    Poor data quality are a common cause of under-performing BI/DWH solutions. If the data are not well defined and managed, full redundancy, or having poor naming conventions, even the best technology in the world will not provide an optimal solution. We rely on extensive experience in the quality of data to study the sources of data and quickly evaluate the reasons for the poor quality of these one. Then, we propose procedures improving the quality of data to properly move your data in a world of sharpness.