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A same vision of computing : Keep It Simple Stupid

  • Who are the founders of TaktIT ?
We have over twenty years of experience in IT in several sectors. This allowed us to mix with decison-makers, and therefore be very close to the business strategy. In addition, our open-mindedness and curiosity that we are interested in many things, not just the computer. This allows us to provide our customers with a new and creative look.

  • What makes us different ?
Our IT approach is based on the KISS philosophy (Keep It Simple Stupid), proactivity and pragmatism. All in line with the business strategy. Often we call the IT engineer to solve problems. Whereas if IT is thoughtful, with a long-term vision, it is not the insurmountable mountain we often imagine. And most importantly, IT solutions become a real strategic tool to achieve business projects further and faster.

  • What kind of tandem we do ?
Longtime friends, we are both good living, extreme sports enthusiasts and especially real enthusiasts of new technologies. We are complementary in several respects: the experiences and areas in which we worked, but also on the technical and the personality.

  • Which quotation characterizes us ?
Les gens qui ne rient jamais ne sont pas des gens sérieux.(Alphonse Allais)
Two things are important for us : never take themselves too seriously – even if we do requires great discipline and a strong technical expertise, one does not preclude the other, and cultivate team spirit.

Our mission is to guide you throughout your growth

Trust in TaktIT will bring you many benefits :
  • Greater agility and flexibility of your IT system
  • Economies of scale.
  • A better overview of your business with access to integrated information.
  • Alignment between your goals and IT : the IT department is no longer just a “supplier” of the rest of the company but a real partner.
  • A clear vision of the value that IT can bring you financial and other.

Our mission is to :

  • Support the company throughout its growth and IT evolution by bringing the entrepreneur to integrate IT strategy at the heart of the reflection of his business.
  • Assist the entrepreneur to define a master plan to align its IT with its business objectives and determine a portfolio of projects.
  • Being the partner of the company for the implementation of IT project portfolio.
  • Prove to the entrepreneur that IT is not a cost, but an added value on several levels, and for all departments of the company.
  • Enable the company to take a proactive rather than reactive approach to IT.
  • Ensure that a single model is shared by your business and IT
  • Ensure that IT and business understand each other.

Simple and transparent IT

Simplicity in the design and transparency : we place the customer at the center of our values. We know how important it is to work honestly in such a way that our clients can make their decisions in full knowledge of the cause.

  • KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

We’re big fans of “Keep it Simple, Stupid”. It is a philosophical principle : simplicity in the design should be the goal. Any non-necessary complexity should be avoided. It is this value that has inspired our logo.
To learn more about the KISS philosophy, follow this link.
  • Transparency

We have nothing to hide ! We want to be fully transparent in explaining, at every stage of our work, what we do and the interests of each of our actions to the overall success of your project. Aware that we are working on your brand, we do not take any decision without you not convinced of the advisability.
  • Fun

We have the chance to practice a profession in which we enjoy ourselves tremendously ! This passion is the source of a contagious energy and a great motivation to achieve goals with our clients.